The eonic effect

The eonic effect needs a college course…
June 19th, 2018 •

The previous post raised the question of historical study using the eonic effect. The eonic effect should be the subject matter for a college course, but unfortunately professional historians are extremely critical of anything that smacks of ‘speculative’ history and would never allow such a course. Perhaps that can change.
The charge of speculative is unfair given the extreme range and depth of survey reading that uncovers the derandomizing factor. You can’t seriously claim any more that history emerges at random. Unfortunately, at that point speculative interpretation just might become a problem. But the problem isn’t solved by ostrich efforts to ignore the evidence. We have proposed what we call the ‘eonic model’ which attempts to try and interpret the almost unfathomable strangeness of the eonic effect (a pattern of evidence) with mixed results. But why not simply follow the model and then turn around and deal with it critically.
We have tried various ways to adopt a minimalist approach. The mere statement that world history shows a non-random pattern is itself minimalist. A less minimalist approach suggests that world history hasan embedded teleology, shows directionality, exhibits a cousin process to ‘punctuated equilibrium’…
And that raises a related complication: the eonic model’s challenge to darwinism. That shuts down discussion immediately and you may as well be in exile in a foreign country. In fact, the public is imprisoned in the darwin paradigm which is actually the most speculative theory of all time.
The eonic model can be a first taste in visualizing true evolutionary models, no easy task, as we have seen from history. The eonic effect indirectly clobbers darwinism by showing what a non-random developmental process is like. The darwin paradigm is effectively dead, but the reign of propaganda continues, complicated by the rightist assault using intelligent design arguments.
I think the issue is more than just optional: theories of history can be fatal to large numbers of people: look at old testament mythology, marxism, at social darwinism, capitalist propaganda (end of history themes are not speculative history???)
I think that the eonic effect will someday be common knowledge so all we can do is wait…
Check out for the large and growing resources free/amazon/kindle on this subject.
One should note also the difficulty most have in actually obtaining relevant books.
Having access to a good university library, and/or being able to roam the stacks, is a tremendous tool. The era of the internet is going to change this: we are close to having the equivalent online, but not quite yet…

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