What is antisemitism, and what it is not…





The recent mass shooting of jews in Philadelphia is a deplorable moment but jews, honest and good jews, in their grief and alarm need to be alarmed at the reality of their position in world politics.

A tremendous hidden campaign is underway to try and redefine the definition of antisemitism and make it legally binding. One looks at the outrageous treatment of Corbyn in England. We can see this in the context of the BDS movement. We need to clarify a few things and be clear however controversial about the shifting grounds of the term ‘antisemitism’.
The behavior of the Israelis has been so completely outrageous over the last fifty years that it is small wonder the tide is turning against jews. But jews in general are not aware of or responsible for Israeli criminality.
It is not antisemitic to focus on the facts of Israeli dark politics
It is not antisemitic to protest the treatment of Palestinians and of Gaza
It is not antisemitic to adopt a stance of ‘anti-judaism’ as a critique of religious values, history, and theological belief. The latter should never stoop to the kind of tirade seen in ‘real’ antisemites.

In general jews should grasp the eroding basis for their religious beliefs, next to the same for christians. The Old Testament, and the New, are passing into the twilight of Axial Age religions and all the efforts to promote them are in the end going to fail…

There is more to say here but that’s enough for the moment…

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