The issue of decline

The issue of decline
June 2nd, 2018

Alan Woods cited today raises the issue of ‘decline’ for modernity in the context of the decline of the roman (republic) empire…
The analogy doesn’t really work.
Ever since Spengler wrote his classic nonsense on the subject (he thought modernity the decline of a civilization starting in 1000 AD) the issue of decline gets thrown around in all sorts of combinations…
Here our eonic model suggests that it is entirely possible for modern civilization to go into decline, but certainly predicts nothing…But…! by analogy with antiquity that decline would be far in the future, a millennium from now. But the idea is dubious and the eonic model only shows an outline and does not predict what happens in the in betweens…In any case we are onto the game and can intervene!
The point woods is making is really that capitalism is creating a crisis and we must deal with that. But that crisis is not decline: if anything the world system is so flush with ‘progress’ (?), innovations, expansion, that it is overheating and likely to spin out of control in euphoric idiocy, plus ecological insanity, bad news but not decline in the sense of the roman empire…Relative to the eonic timer modernity is at the two century analog point ca.400 BCE when the athenian democratic experiment falls apart and the roman republic, still vigorous, enters the empire phase that will break its republicanism…such analogies don’t quite work and aren’t really part of the model, but a rough guess is in order.
And the model spots at once the current decline in democracy that must be meet with restoration and/or reinvention.
Here we can suggest that democracy must be reborn, hopefully in a true socialism. Unfortunately, the bolsheviks may have blown the chance and it is stalinism that seems the barbarism…
But I go with the socialist future if that can manage to create a better take than it has now…
We have created a tool for this, ‘floating fourth turning points’…(a kindle book, and many posts here)…the ‘eonic effect’ begins to dissolve as we begin to observe it and we will move to try and understand and replicate it, perhaps, best of luck…

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