Don Quijotes in reverse gear…

Don quijotes in reverse gear…
July 17th, 2018 •
A quick read of lachman’s book: Dark Star Rising (Amazon/Kindle)

Lachman provides a number of insights into the lead up/background to the trump phenomenon, but he is too close to his subject(s) and ends up giving them a degree of validation they don’t deserve and in the end a nullity figure like trump couldn’t possibly be aware of any of the issues of the recent occult antimodern movement. That he might have an angle on the ‘power of positive thinking’ of norman vincent peale is neither remarkable nor very intelligent. The power of the will to change reality is an idea so ancient it is laughable to find it thought original in any sense. Practitioners of amateur meditation methods have rediscovered the ‘will’ next to ‘being’ thousands of times. It happens weekly to droves.
This treatment has made a kind of postmodern genius out of a complete idiot. And the background, figures like guenon, evola, etc, are complete dunces behind their spiritual veneers. They cannot grasp the phenomenon of modernity and turn in circles in the same old new age/old age crackpot nonsense over the kali yuga and the evils of the modern age. It is a pack of nonsense. Over at The Gurdjieff Con this phenomenon has been analyzed for years including the so-called Traditionalism that has become a pseudo-philosophy of reactionary anti-modernism. The claim for some primordial spiritual vision behind the world religions, at the core of this ‘ism’, is a species of nonsense. The emergence of civilization is all of a piece and, while the neolithic period might well have been seminal in a way we have forgotten, it was itself simply a stage (or set of its own epochs in transition) on the way to one and the same world we live in now. It is the only candidate for a birth time of religion in civilization, and, mirabile dictu, we suspect they meditated with primordial yoga. Surely the modern period is at par. But in a way lachman has lodged an arrow in the heart of the trump phenomenon because he has shown the impoverished nature of the cultural/spiritual resources at work. The trump phenomenon can’t last long in the same sense that nazism and occult antimodernism couldn’t last long: their interior logic is so specious that the attempt to carry out a program rapidly falls apart. You would think that those who denounce modernity could expose capitalism, or place in climate change. But these postmoderns with trump wish to prevent any regulation of this catastrophe. We can hardly expect trumpism to last very long if it tries to revive racism, etc… But such movements,like nazism, can cause immense damage on the way to oblivion. Let’s hope this useful exposure to the realm of the alt-right will prove the undoing of the whole field of idiocy, alert to the global conspiracy against democracy and modern freedom at work in multiple zones, not the least the realm of putin and his svengali dugin, an idiot non-pareil in this confused counterattack against modernity, the lot a set of don quijotes in reverse…

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