Finding your true will?

Finding your true will?
July 17th, 2018 •

A lot of nonsense is being perpetrated by new age thinking and flotsam rosicrucianism about the ‘true will’. One thing is clear, crowley never found his true will and his whole shtick is a pile of rubbish, a very faustian rubbish with a hidden mephisto factor.
It might help to look at bennett’s The Dramatic Universe: the study of your ‘will’ is a task at least as hard as quantum mechanics and requires knowledge and study, not ritual magic, and that over years and years of careful study. No material has ever existed on this subject, although it is clearly latent in the christian corpus which made a total muddle of all of it. Perhaps likewise bennett, with the demonic gurdjieff lurking in the background. And that’s assuming that the bennett version is on the mark, which is doubtful. But at least it can forestall the really stupid indulgence in the trash left behind by crowley et al.

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