Occult politics

Demiurgic projections?
July 17th, 2018 •

At the start of Dark Star Rising lachman discusses briefly the fact that occult politics is not a monopoly of the right and cites gandhi to the contrary…
Here we should interject a warning to the left to NEVER be tempted to imitate the right in this vein.

Please read Lord of the Rings on this: that book is very peculiar and, unlike the Harry Potter series, warns against ANY use of occult magic. The only thing to be done is to return the ‘one ring’ to the cracks of doom. That’s it. If you so much as put the ring on the dark lord will be ‘advised’ of your presence and whereabouts. The book issues dire warnings against any magic at all. Many who enjoy that book may not realize just how deep its thinking is. Others in the age of aleister crowley will pooh pooh that and exclaim, what are you afraid of: ‘dare, will, know, and be silent’. What to do?
Follow the program set out by Frodo the Hobbit, please. In fact, the realm of occult magic is strictly for suckers, amateurs, and it is worth remembering how little success crowley had: he was a complete amateur throughout and yet sacrificed all his moral capital on black magical junk, the backwash of rosicrucianism whose legacy is highly ambiguous and despite lachman’s suggestion in decline by the nineteenth century (if it had a virtuous moment at all). Such people are orcs in the making and on their way to becoming demons. But by the same token those who choose that way just might get a shot at occult fame and glory on their passage to hell. The only gang that seems to have penetrated occult politics was the dark side buddhist, but that movement had centuries, millennia of build up and its action was a gotterdammerung one shot deal that extinguished its future, be forewarned, notwithstanding the realm of dark side tibetan buddhism. Small wonder the dugin/trump realm is so half-assed.
Here leftists should consider what has been pointed to many times on this blog: that it already has an occult dimension, one totally concealed behind the front called ‘historical materialism’. So concealed one hardly knows anything about it. No there isn’t a faq on this, and no you won’t find out. I think the effort failed and it is not a case of directed revolution: on the contrary, man makes himself and if some power intervenes it must soon stop and let man proceed, usually to his inevitable failure.
Here j. g. bennett, no doubt unwittingly, and beside the rightist occultist gurdjieff, stumbled into the one genunine case of the real occult from the left.
We have no real solid knowledge here, but we must suspect without proof of any kind that some variant of bennett’s demiurgic powers (we changed the name to devangelic powers and then to ‘spirit mat x’ and then to…(keep the terms on the move) in Enigma of the Axial Age) jumpstarted a leftist movement in the wake of the french revolution, in the precise period of the 1848 revolutions. This is not the same as the ‘eonic effect’ and its transitions, although the latter show the emergence of modern revolution…There is nothing more to say because we don’t know, but if there is one thing that seems clear the hidden occult left stripped leftists of any occult nonsense for their own protection.
Be forewarned and don’t go around playing in the mess of rightist occult pottage. Take Gandalf’s warnings to heart!
The realm of ‘demiurgic powers’ is far far beyond the realm of rightist occultism. So the left should be wary of frittering away its heritage in the occult flotsam and take a dash of pride in having a touch of the real thing. But it is also ominous that the left resembles the early christians in this regard: the outcome can be ‘success, but…’, mindful of the contradictions of christian success.
Note: lachman’s book isolates the rightist evola, postmodernism, nietzsche and dugin: in the context of putin, etc…
These are easily defeatable combinations of no great depth. Letting them gain play to the extent we see is almost inexcusable. These rightists are all mediocrities, to be defeated by them is beyond belief. And they are nowhere near the hitler occult nexus which is something far beyond the current mess of pottage…

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