Postmodern politics…maybe these idiots are kidding…

Postmodern politics…maybe these idiots are kidding…
July 17th, 2018 •

Rightist thought is a highly vulnerable and mediocre combination of ideas and it lacks any real historical dimension. To be the victim of Evola at this point is almost beyond imagining, but at least operators in this realm are complete idiots, whatever their artificial power (cf. putin and his operations, seemingly successful, but open to collapse sooner or later as demented stupidity). It is useful to study the eonic effect and to see the way it points to the real historical dynamic that stands behind the real progression of civilization. We are living in a decline of modernity now, but that doesn’t justify postmodern substitutes. The right is totally oblivious to this larger dimension and thus completely vulnerable to challenge, if people with any sense can extract themselves from the hypnosis of conservative operators of mostly nonsense. Evola? maybe they are kidding. Just the kind of fourth rate new age idiocy that would appeal to putin and trump.
Thus the movement of Traditionalism which inspires many reactionaries is a completely mythological antimodernism and is wrong about the source of religion which has the same roots as all the other material in the eonic effect: we see that buddhism and monotheism are part of the eonic effect, not some esoteric nonsense about the kali yuga…
At least we can see that all these people are standing on quick sand.
One of the key confusions now is postmodernism, although i think its day is passing. The idea of a ‘postmodern’ age and of ‘posttruth’ is complete bilge, as is the nietzchean fad and its evidence of philosophic degeneration.
archive: nothing in world history makes sense without an understanding of the macro effect…
July 26th, 2017 •
Nothing in world history makes sense without an understanding of the macro effect…
September 18th, 2015 •
The influence of bad science, bad history, and bad education backing them up has made WHEE a book almost impossible to understand, but it is actually a very practical study of the way history follows a basic developmental logic.
Why are scientists unable to deal with this? 1. they can’t handle anything that doesn’t follow reductionist causality…2. they can’t therefore handle the place of free agency in history, which is like studying a zoo with no animals…3. they can’t follow the simple logic of discontinuity given the endless confusion created here by religious thinkers…4.most of all they can’t grasp that there is something wrong with darwinism…

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