The issue of revolutionary strategy simply tokens the stalled/frozen left

With the right vision social transformation will arise spontaneously…
July 20th, 2018 •

The issue of revolutionary strategy simply tokens the stalled/frozen left. In fact, it is at first almost impossible to believe such a strategy is possible any more.
But the real problem is the inability of the left to see the limits of the older era and its marxist ideological constraints. A genuine renewal at the level of theory would by itself ignite a new energy devoted to truly radical change. But any such project/hope must be clear about the failures of bolshevism and stop its religious lenin rants, what to say of stalin and his gangster socialism. The public simply won’t listen to anything marxists say, however unfair it is to blame all the ills of later socialism on that seminal figure. But marx’s theoretical framework must itself be renounced (with a judicious restatement of much of its core) because it is itself flawed and unable to generate a viable blueprint for the future. The gordian knot was/is superfluous, redefine terms and it disappears.
The automatic progression of epochs into postcapitalism simply isn’t going to happen according to formula and a new philosophy of man for the left is needed, one that can stress the action of (revolutionary) free agents who can construct a postcapitalist system that is viable politically and economically. This is not social democratic compromise.
Lost in all the confusions of sloganeering about leftist dynamics is the simple consideration that a constitutional communism (based on a Commons) is entirely viable and can be separated from the tricky issues of creating a postcapitalist economic system. The older left confused the two and the result was the entry into socialist reconstruction (a la the bolsheviks) on the basis of a set of theoretical fallacies that ended up with a stalinist cutting the gordian knot. But what was that gordian knot? A muddle of marxist theory that could not separate simple communism foundations from the kind of economic fake socialism that confused the legal and economic polarity.
Red Forty-eight Group: is revolutionary action a viable strategy…?
December 5th, 2017 •
Red Fortyeight Group: is revolutionary action a viable strategy…? The docket of basic charges: criminal conspiracy and racketeering by
We won’t answer the question just yet, here: the basic answer being ‘no, but’….But these situations can suffer sudden unraveling and the ‘no’ answer should not under any conditions forestall preparations for the social calamity that will hand those ready a revolutionary opportunity. The fascists will be ready, so the left had best have everything ready.
We have mostly confined discussion to producing a more up to date ‘popular’ post-marxism that can distill the gist of Marx and Engels and create something that will be usable by a broad spectrum of world views: historical materialism was too limited and, while it is fine the way it is as an historical classic of economic/historical analysis, seems like an episode in early positivism. The left needs to talk a broad list of languages beyond its interior jargon, religious, philosophical, mega-secular, etc… It is very easy to create the net equivalent for our time, with its changed cultural mix, from new agers to a host of new cultural types. We have in Last and First Men tried to create a superset model of history, useful, and not especially controversial, save to darwinists, to integrate ideas of modernity, revolution/evolution, and the place of the left in the context of the explosion of capitalism in the period synchronous to the French Revolution, etc…
The point here is that this model can embrace true ‘dialectical’ (we don’t use the term) pairs of historical generators: here capitalism and its communist counterpoint born together and multitasking in parallel.
Using new materials we can change the mechanized habits of the old left which are defunct and unable to respond to the current crisis. Some of the issues integrated are:
history, historicism, and evolution
world religions in the dynamic of the axial age
economic determination vs macro determination
modernity in terms of a finite transition model
a kantian socialism remembered as the parallel to marxism
The question of practical revolutionary action invokes the impossible, waiting on possibility, in the nonce compiling the docket of charges against the American system, at the least: beyond a general examination of capitalist limits in relation to communist challenges we have
the legacy of rising imperialism since the end of the nineteenth century
the moment of the Gilded Age
the ambiguity of the New Deal
the onset of neoliberalism
the invention of covert agencies
the legacy of antidemocratic coups
the legacy of assassinations, exterior, interior: the JFK evidence
the criminality of 9/11 and the coverup of the criminal conspiracy
the question of Israel and its influence
the place of wall street, finance, etc…
From this we can document a charge of governmental racketeering and grounds for what the Founding Fathers demanded (given a republic if you can keep it): a new revolution if you can’t keep it.

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