The tragedy of judeo-christianity

Behind its ignorant moral indignation this article simply feeds the antisemitism it denounces. It implies that, one part of the same old canard blah blah centuries old on both sides, that jews on the basis of racial/geographical identity have a special relationship to god, and that all others are therefore inferior in status. You cannot claim otherwise here except as public relations in a desperate stand off.

Small wonder that xtians in attempting to create a universal religion collided directly with that principle. It is not a negotiable issue. But a similar rigidity pervades the other side. Why on earth should christians have not tried to promote a ‘new covenant’? In the end they had their backs against the wall because in the end both religions, where there should have been one, simply failed and became a two-headed monstrosity divided against itself. And the status of Israel now is truly that of a monstrosity. All side seem ignorant of the facts of the case, compounded by the criminality of Zionism. Intelligent jews sense a lost cause and are slipping away. Xtianity is in a state of collapse in its own time. Meanwhile people are starting to read books about Israel and 9/11. I recommend evacuation.

It should be said that this is a genuinely tragic situation, and a prime tragic plot in the classic sense. There is no resolution to the issue and the demonic horror of it must be leaving a lot of ‘devils’ chuckling to this day.What a way to really screw all parties.
The only solution is liberal beyond religious tolerance, which is not religious as such. Liberal tolerance works because secularists no longer take these religions seriously and it is clearly the case that both judaism and xtianity are fading from history, slowly, but inexorably. And the sadness of such a massive experiment is dire. We should note that monotheists in the wings tried again with Islam, for better or worse. They could see the hopeless situation that had emerged like the grim Fate of a greek tragedy.

Say goodbye to all that. The emotional attachment to these religions is basically infantile. Both these religions should be scrapped, asap, and that is what is happening. Only the least intelligent still cluster in these religions. The example of figures like Einstein show the only way, on the jewish side, past the recurrent nightmare. Meanwhile this stupid article wishes to scold/replace xtian denigration of the Covenant with jewish denigration of the New Covenant.
Time for a tragic choral interlude, maybe the bacchanalian women might be apt: the christian/jewish pentheus ends by being torn to pieces…

Indeed, naming anti-Semitism is better than just denouncing a generalized “hate.” The shooter was going in to kill Jews. “All Jews must die,” he said. In the Christian Seminary where I teach I underscore in nearly all my courses that anti-Semitism has been and is a long-standing, pervasive problem, and especially in Christian circles. It must cease. Instead, though, Christian faith is often taught as “superceding” Judaism with a better “new covenant” effected by Jesus. So, some Christian evangelicals seek to convert Jews for Jesus. Vice President Mike Pence sparked outrage by inviting one “Christian Rabbi” of this viewpointto speak at his political rally.

Source: The Violence Today: It’s Not Just “Hate”

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