Darwinism/social Darwinism

Darwinism/social Darwinism
July 23rd, 2018 •

The challenge to ‘social darwinism’ on the right is more than understandable but the liberal media tend to be stuck in conventional darwinian thinking and are forced to ‘hem and haw’ about what darwinism says isn’t what darwinism really says. Left ezines have enough resources to be able to examine the paradigm shift in biology that has exposed darwinism for what it is: a pseudo-science based on the mythology of natural selection. It is the latter that animates ‘survival of the fittest’ ideology and the right challenge is to challenge darwinism itself and not get into the brainwashed idiocy of the conventional darwin propaganda machine…
Source: Politicians love to talk about “survival of the fittest.” They don’t know what that means | Salon.com

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