Global warming as grounds for revolutionary ecological socialism…

R48G: global warming as grounds for revolutionary ecological socialism…
August 10th, 2018 •
We are almost at the gaian endgame: we need a revolutionary movement reborn from the internationals of the twentieth century, able to create a complete break with that past without frittering away the opportunity in facile reformism and yet not smothered in marxist dogmas.

The perspective on the working class is shifting toward the question of the environment and the planet. Some form of neo-communism can be taken to solve the problem of social democracy by fiat within a structure of the communism, create a platform of socialist populism and be done once and for all with the economic equality problem: something far more difficult has come over the horizon: climate disaster, ecological socialism as a priority, degrowth economics and lifeboat socialism.
Such a situation needs immediate consideration because the stalinists are lurking in the background, along with the ‘air conditioned bunker’ capitalist remnants in waiting.
Our twin manifestos offer a one-state solution in the context of a new international in a post-marxist gear…
Modernity, revolution and postcapitalism…
December 14th, 2017 •

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Our discussions today reinvoke our discussions of modernity and revolution with a focus on the possibility of postcapitalism.
There is nothing simple about this and we have suggested a hybrid in our manifestos that evades the ‘utopian’ fallacy with a combination of democratic/republican politics, blended market and planned economic organization and a ‘dialectical’ balance counterpoint in an autonomous low threshold semi-anarchist sector. A ‘revolution’/transition to such a system would correct the flaws of the misconstrued russian/bolshevik revolution. Such a transition might be chaotic but the framework would contain that chaos as the system stabilized around a set of ‘communist’ axioms in the idea of the Commons: this system doesn’t pit capitalists against communists so much as create a constitutional version of basic communism that can balance markets and socialism with an experimental transition to postcapitalism…The charge of ‘utopia’ won’t work here because we have carefully remorphed something that we know has worked (in quotation marks): the american republican experiment which morphed into democracy of a kind with a capitalist hybridization never taken into account by the constitutional foundation.

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