Design in history and the falsification of judeo-xtian propaganda

Design in history and the falsification of judeo-xtian propaganda
September 5th, 2018 •

The eonic effect is evidence of a considerable ‘design argument’ but the irony is that the judeo-christian memes of theistic design in history are falsified by this much deeper form of design argument. In fact, the issue of a ‘designer’ is a red herring and the creation of a neo-pagan ‘Jehovah’ in the israelite tradition was a theological form of propaganda from the start. This myth quite obvious lingers to this day and has become the horrific basis of exploitation and cultural genocide of the palestinians.
The design in history stands beyond cultural ethnocentric interpretations and points to a universal global culture in formation.
Design argument falsifies theistic historicism
May 9th, 2018 •
The eonic effect shows the way a design argument falsifies ‘theistic design’ arguments.
WHEE and the design question…//History and Evolution website
September 15th, 2017 •
The resistance to debriefing natural selection has an ideological component for a capitalist age, but also raises the issue of design with figures like Dawkins (foolishly) explicitly using selectionist arguments to promote atheism, a foolish strategy. The design issue won’t go away,
and darwinists simply lost the argument. But the ID camp has frittered away its victory on religious issues, maybe…the issue of design in history muddles the logic of most in the ID camp, although the Dembski/Behe version is free of this, it appears. The issue of design raises perfectly good scientific questions that science must finally address but so far cannot do so. The question of design is teleological, the issue of ‘god’ simply up in the air, and as early as Kant the question of teleology and biology was raised explicitly as a warning about newtonian physics. This correction to reductionist thinking was long long ago: two centuries later we are still stuck on a point that an amateur, as here, has the upper hand on the question! But noone has produced a real theory of evolution, certainly not the ID camp…
World History and the Eonic Effect (online at site, free PDF or Amazon hardback/Kindle) is a good way to tackle the missing pieces of the design puzzle, useful for tackling the question of a directed system. The material is a reminder that the problem remains unsolved because we don’t full observe ‘evolution’ in deep time or in history. But we can track it, and infer the reality of a mysterious ‘form factor’. We end also by considering the claims for ‘fine tuning’, and a cosmic aspect to the emergence of life…
Source: History and Evolution

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