Should leftists disown the Bolshevik lagacy?

We have often cited, and critiqued, this site, because its cultic adherence to the confusions of marxism render its advocacy problematical.

It is a good site in many ways. But the left will never achieve socialism by making a sermon out of leninism and wishing for a second rerun. Quite apart from the attempt at divorcingLenin from Stalin, the whole basis of the starting point is confused. We have adopted a premise of some kind of (neo-) communism but then challenged the marxist ‘stages of production’ theory which pronounced communism to be the future beyond capitalism without ever specifying what that future was, in specific detail. The result was a kind of ad hoc muddle that ended up being defined by Stalin. A clear blueprint in advance would have warned immediately that what was happening wasn’t communism at all, but a complete fiasco of caudillo dictatorship.
We have tried with our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ to specify ‘in advance’ a reasonably detailed (no doubt not enough) framework to guide realization. For example the economy needed was completely botched by the bolsheviks who were not aware of economic issues to any degree, despite the rhetoric. And the failure to move toward a democratic outcome should have raised the alarm at once: revolution aborted.

Today is the anniversary of the Russian Revolution, an event which altered the entire course of human history. For the first time the working people took power into their own hands and began the gigantic task of the socialist re-construction of society. H

Source: The Russian Revolution: The Meaning of October

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