Israel, persian zoroastrianism, and botched monotheisms…

Israel, persian zoroastrianism, and botched monotheisms…
September 7th, 2018 •
Our previous post considers the question of ancient israel, an elegant and direct exemplar of the eonic effect, yet, sadly, at the same time a suspected failure on its own terms in a context admittedly so confusing we can hardly expect any other result. The israelite and greek ‘axial’ cases directly exhibit the eonic effect, and the timing of the israelite is downright spooky: the period from ca. 900 to 600 BCE roughly shows the direct action of the mysterious macro factor. The isrealites uniquely detected this but tragically confused it with ‘god’, and not only that a very tribal god. The god innovation was a botch from the start, yet we can’t be sure exactly what happened and why.
Small wonder the israelites thought they detected ‘god’: what do you call something that can move tribes, induce religions, change geopolitics for whole nations, and this directly over a transition region in the space of several centuries? Unfortunately, while spectacular, this isn’t ‘god’ in history. Here the whole question of monotheism foundered in a new tribal myth.
Thus there is a catch here: the israelite case was relatively primitive and instead of completing a trend toward universalization became closed in on itself and turned into a nationalistic religion.
It is hard to second guess the larger ‘macro effect’ but given the evidence the suggestion is of a kind of failure. Perhaps there was a logic to this, however, but it is clear that as christians soon pointed out the larger trend toward ‘monotheism’ required a universalism the israelites proclaimed yet failed to achieve. Note that the ‘macro’ effect doesn’t determine the outcome as such: it merely generates a potential starting point, like some archetype, ‘create a monotheism’, say.
As further evidence of this we must note the parallel persian case which produced a second monotheism from the aryan source. This is the clincher: what to say if suddenly at the conclusion of the transition, at the exact point of the ‘divide’ a foreign power invades, takes prisoners and transports these tribal monotheists, semites, to the exact zone of a parallel group of budding monotheists, aryans?
It is beyond miraculous and something the israelites sensed, ‘god’ is moving ‘our’ chess piece across the board. Unfortunately the ‘noise’ of misinterpreation caught up with this stunning experiment which we not very helpfully point to as the ‘macro’ eonic effect. Whatever it is, it can’t be ‘god’. We have to suspect monotheism escaped from its sources and started mythologizing a too primitive theism, still mired in tribalism.
In any case, the further suspicion is that the clear aim of this hybridization was the creation of a transcultural aryan/semitic post-tribal seed universalism out of two monotheisms. But that never really happened. The account of the Exile is somehow garbled and the issue of the persian/zoroastrians never quite gelled. In fact, some have accused the isrealites of getting monotheism from the zoroastrians, and then adapting it to their tribal coloring. Whatever the case the tribal ‘goddism’ of ‘jehovah’ seems like a botch, as the christians quitely concluded.
All in all, we can’t be quite sure here because a strong tribal starting point might have been the only way the whole affair could have come about.
But one thing is clear the tribal trappings of israelitism never reached universalization, a point drastically obvious in our own time. The zionist appropriation of modern ‘israel’/palestince is a pathetic endgame of great sadness, and given the evidence of the holocaust one must suspect ‘jews’ have a lot of enemies who wish to be done with their botched religion. To jews i would say: stop preening your feathers and face historical facts.
We should recomment the us to remnant jews: a melting point of final resort for all sorts of hopeless idiots with botched religions…

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