The calamity of zionism…

the calamity of zionism…
September 23rd, 2018 •
The genre of tragedy emerged in greek antiquity and it was often claimed that the ‘tragic’ has been sublated by religion.
But now we can see that religions themselves can be ‘tragedies’ and the history of judaism, but now especially zionism, has entered this terrain, ‘once and for all’. And xtianity could be so claimed not only in its own way but in relation to its connection with judaism.

If we use the metaphor of ‘tragedy’ we might imply that a tragedy is a play and had a beginning middle and end: the end here is the passage finally into a fully secular era beyond judeo-xtianity (and no doubt including islam). The alternative is centuries more of violence and completely futile attempts to make these religions ‘immortal’. The theological foundations of both religions have simply collapsed and the attempt to produce a secular zionist continuation of judaism is already visibly a grotesque failure.
The solution to a tragedy on stage is to see it through to the end, but the solution to a tragedy in history is to snap out of it: it is simply hypnosis.
So the future is clear: the secular era can certainly found new religions, but those of the axial age are almost certainly crashing in plain view.
The catch here is that since jewish identity is a religious condition, being jewish is never secular, a point held in private by sundry enemies with a solution. Let’s not get too logical here: it is all madness, enough’s enough. But, come to think of it, being jewish requires if it can a real modernity. That has long since been in evidence and well underway, but if the coming of zionism has staged a regression, the reality is that these issues are in progress to their own solution. Look at figures like Einstein.
Let’s hope we get lucky after being so unlucky.
Instead of just haranguing jews/israeli it might be more productive for xtians to simply abandon their own religion as a lost cause, exposing judeo-zionism to open air, the vampire can’t survive without its xtian host: it can only proceed from salvific to malevolent, the longer you wait.
If there is a religious duty for xtians at this point, it should be to simply exit the judeo-xtian legacy, with no nonsense about the pack of lies in the old testament, …and the new…jesus is long gone and ain’t going to help. Like Frodo at the end, he simply sailed away, nursing his wounds, never able to comment on the fraud of the resurrection.
An anonymous question: I am asked, in the context of the The Gurdjieff Con Blog, “why did esoteric buddhists conspire to exterminate the jews?”
I haven’t the foggiest, but you can refer to that blog if you wish. It was always odd, fascism to start wasn’t about jews. How did the issue get grafted onto mussolini’s oeuvre. He himself was puzzled. I would not wish any harm to jews. But let me note that zionism has thus ended making me an enemy at war with buddhism. Funny logic, not so funny.

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