The therapy racket, exploitation and capitalist psychological ripoffs

The therapy racket, exploitation and capitalist psychological ripoffs
September 22nd, 2018 •

The era of Freud’s fame is long gone now but his legacy is not a good one. Psychoanalysis may be bad science, but Freud got one thing right: transference, a fancy term for the psychological fixation that comes on people in therapy: it is an immensely profitable situation for analysts, and now many therapists of all brands. And it has become entrenched because it is so profitable. And hard to question, yet people are to sit and talk/confess alone with no comment from the psychological agent, who does nothing but sit in silence for hundreds of dollars an hour.
How is that anything but a capitalist racket?
You have a right to protest such an a ripoff (Felix Guttari wrote a book on this as the extraction of surplus value, a marxist issue)…and it is true that modern psychology has no real understanding of man, let alone a science that could justify the therapy rackets.
Needless to say the older world of religion provided such ‘services’ free…the catholic church well knew the power of the confessional (transference of a type, and psychological tyranny)

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