postcapitalist specifics for radicals sick of marx jargon…//Capitalism: What it is and How to Abolish It

Source: Capitalism: What it is and How to Abolish It

This is to the point, but as usual the opaque jargonized Marx/Engels shibboleths enter as ‘theory’ which reigns over all after which we are so confused we can hardly proceed. At no point did Marx/Engels suggest a practical form of communist economy. Later critics condemned them for this and suggested there was no such thing. If we want postcapitalism we must prove this wrong, not by quoting Marx, but with a practical economic and political system, which had better be democratic. We suggest ways to produce strong authority to protect communist axioms without destroying democracy.

Why do we have to cite chapter and verse from Marx at every stage of analysis? Marx confuses the issue with complicated analysis and theories that aren’t needed. We need a simple blueprint of the kind of society that might define post-capitalism: it has to be practical, realizable (by evolution/revolution) and produce a viable democracy, economy, and ecology. Please, set aside Marx for a moment and think through the problem from scratch. Our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ suggests one line of approach.

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