A reasoned idea of social transformation and its audience in waiting…


If the left could extricate itself from marxism, without betraying its broader impulse to challenge capitalism (by evolution or revolution), and produce a reasoned and functional plan for social transformation that was halfway decently thought out, had a plan for a new kind of ecological postcapitalist economy, and somehow safeguarded against stalinism/leninism, they would find a huge audience, even one that is revolutionary.

People are getting desperate, but the marxist stale sandwhich offered won’t sell under any circumstances. As things stand now a cadre of out of date so-called revolutionary deadbeats control the whole game and festishize the russian revolution without realizing that is the kiss of death. I tangled with one of those yesterday and recorded that here. On the surface that was about the darwinian paradigm, itself a liability for most marxists, but in reality it was the way marxists are stuck in the chapter and verse of Saint Marx and immediately turn on anyone who dissents in any way from the classic canon (which to a close look is already set aside by the faithful).
We fail to see the tragic lost opportunity of the era of Lenin’s huge fumble, admittedly complicated by the Civil War. He simply didn’t have a real program for communism. In fact, Lenin was brilliant in his own way but in the end wasted the opportunity given by the collapse of the Tsarist legacy. Why do we even consider any of that, except in the rear view mirror?
One thing should be clarified at the start: the russian revolution was really two: the Kerensky attempt at a ‘bourgeois revolution’ and Lenin’s and the bolshevik take over, charged forever after with being a coup, fair or not. But the distinction, real enough in some situations, is a red herring. The left should have led the Kerensky phase, created democracy, a Commons, and a new form of economy all at once. The division of thought here is Marx’s harebrained mess of pottage taken as theory.

A post-marxist left needs to consolidate these two ‘revolutions’. With our blueprint of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ we have in principle ‘two revolutions in one’ and a single revolution of this type at the moment of the February revolution might have resolved the hopeless contradictions that torpedoed everything the hapless bolsheviks tried to do. The idea that the working class is going to somehow upgrade a bourgeois revolution is misguided. The issue is a set of axioms for a communist system, to be shared by all classes. Waiting for the bourgeoisie and working class to somehow proceed in succession is nonsense. The issue will be one of a vanguard and the issue is whether they will stick to a new constitutional foundation. The question of the working class is easy to resolve here, in principle: the revolution must found a Commons, and set in that context a vigorous package of economic rights.

It surpasses belief at the incompetence of marxist theory that it led many to think they should delay a communist phase until the bourgeois revolution played out. A neo-communist revolution of our type must be able to create a vigorous economy and at the same time found a communist context. The marxist legacy could not see its way through that and the result was the total confusion over markets that horrendously ended up in the stalinist command economy. None of that was necessary.
Manifesto and Democratic Market Neo-communism
The idea that society has to go through a bourgeois revolution before a proletarian phase is egregious nonsense. The only thing that can work is alliance of all social classes to create a new form of postcapitalist society. The resolution of the confusion is our idea of a Commons, which is not incompatible with with either markets or planning, markets of a special type, to be sure. That is very different from the dead hand of state capitalism that wasted the whole chance manipulated by braindead marxist/leninists.

The issue of darwinsim is clearer now, and the left in the future won’t fall in the trap, although there are still enought die-hards left to foil the hopes of clarity here. The darwinian left, make no mistake, is a deadly crypto-social darwinist menace, one that torpedoed the early marxism of the early international.
Hopefully the paradigm shift already underway/complete here will sink in one the left now brainwashed by that theory. It was after all the leftist Lamarck who founded evolutionism, not that establishment phony, Darwin the social darwinist bourgois with his racist genocidal tendencies….

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