darwin critics won all arguments here…the obsolete marxist package…//An exchange with Proyect at marxmail.org – Darwiniana

This exchange left me a bit baffled, Proyect must be losing it and was one of the few who was open to Darwin critics and allowed me for years to subscribe to marx mail.

As far as Darwinism goes, I win all arguments there. The left has failed to do its homework and has allowed the critique to creep up on them.
Surely the left ought to say good riddance to Darwinism, which effectively undermined the whole marxist platform.
Beyond that we have here completely upgraded beyond stale marxism with a critique the left should consider, at the risk of the fate of oblivion destined for the ‘canon’ at this point.
The current marxist left is so hopelessly confused they cannot produce a viable movement any more.
We have outflanked marxists with a neo-communist platform that could far more effective than the older ideological muddle.

A sad exchange with the marxist dead zone…

Source: An exchange with Proyect at marxmail.org – Darwiniana

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