design versus ‘intelligent’ design…//A peek at Mike Behe’s new book Darwin Devolves 

The failure of darwinian natural selection is well-argued by the ID group and while the issue of design thus arises by negation the question of ‘intelligent’ design is not so simple.

If we imply ‘intelligence’ we seem to imply some kind of mind or agent and this is not so simple. But the cosmological equivalent of ‘intelligence’ could be something very different. We cannot safely conclude that a product of nature, mind, will describe its own sources… We might well consider natural design but the ID group is too immersed in apologetics to do this right. The design of history is misjudged by the Old Testament and we cannot take some issue of design in evolution in tandem with some design argument in history, viz. the biblical history.
The way in which cosmological evolution generates some kind of evolution as life remains an unsolved mystery of ‘design’ in a sense we don’t yet understand…
Here:While Stephen Colbert has called Michael J. Behe the “Father of Intelligent Design,” Behe’s arguments have been called, “close to heretical” by the New York Times Book Review, and Richard Dawkins has publicly taken him to task for his “maverick” views. Wherever he goes, Behe makes waves, but

Source: A peek at Mike Behe’s new book Darwin Devolves | Uncommon Descent

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