Up from marxism…

We are pretty hard on marxism, but nota bene we ply a strange variant of that classic subject, hoping against hope that a source of great advance in the midst of theoretical flaws can find in a new generation a critique and upgrade of what is now somewhat dated thinking.
The issue finally is that we can be communists without being marxists. It seems that in any case marxism is confusing the left now. I have never met anyone who understood Marx, perhaps including myself, and even David Harvey. Marx created a theological discourse out of ‘marxism’ (he says he wasn’t a marxist) and its followers have therefore ceased to think. His Manifesto is all that we have left.

In a field of criticisms, we have made one suggestion: construct a model of a communist post-capitalism, and lay it out before the public, to see if it is viable. Our Democratic Market Neo-communism attempts to do just that and can help to see the disastrous way marxists started chanting the ‘communism mantra’ without specifying what that might be, yet prophesying its future in a void. The result was a disaster and I don’t think ‘marxists’ so-called will get another chance. A new generation must resume from the fragments left as marxist rubble the analysis of a viable economic, political and ecological social transformation, evolutionary or revolutionary at a time of planetary crisis, which sees marxists mostly twiddling their thumbs…

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