trashy dialectics concoted by Marx…?//Dialectic of Enlightenment – Wikipedia

Marxists seem to think they are smarter than everyone else, in part because of the strange arrogance of their own scientism and one trick pony of economic historicism. The addition of a confused version of Hegel’s no doubt confused dialectic, in turn from Kant’s ‘Dialectic’ (the probably correct dyadic logic usage, as ‘debate’) in his CPR has not helped: the left has a slew of ‘genius’ books in this vein, and they are all flawed. This ‘classic’, the source of considerable muddle over the ‘Enlightenment’ by many readers misled here, using the trashy degenerate brand of ‘dialectic’ hashed out by Marx, requires, to be sure, careful study, but without the now dated fetishizing of the Frankfurt School. As we have seen in the previous post the issue of the Enlightenment is getting misjudged and blamed for things it is not responsible for. The question of fascism deserves many angles, but the Enlightenment is getting a bum rap. With the Enlightenment ‘Reason’ waves a little flag as noted in previous post.

Hegel seems to have sensed, if not understood, our critique of dyadic versus triadic dialectic. What marxists mean by the term is beyond me, and leaves me with little confidence in a marxist dialectic of enlightenment….You can however usefully spar with this book, as its mystique wears off…

Source: Dialectic of Enlightenment – Wikipedia

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