Can a neo-communist platform come into existence?

It is surprising to suddenly realize the ‘hand with two deuces’ that is the marxist platform, essentially a flawed, incomplete form of crypto-propaganda masquerading as scientific theory. Surely Marx understood this was ‘bluff’. The distinction of utopian versus scientific socialism collapses completely as we examine the basically mythological economic historicism of Marx in his later works such as Capital.

One of the problems was the way Marx failed to properly assess ‘markets’. Another was the related misdefinition of capitalism as a stage of history: it would have been better to see that regulated markets could well have existed in a communist context: beyond the factor of private property. The idea of a Commons beyond private or state capitalism would have had a more practical basis. Beyond that the manner of promoting capitalism to an epoch of history was both incorrect and ideologically disastrous: capitalism has existed in a continuous sequence of developing versions throughout world history, its modern explosion being an aspect of the industrial revolution. The original socialists, including Marx and Engels saw better that capitalism should not reign as an historical ‘epoch’ but should adapt as soon as possible to a socialist framework. The idea of the later Marx of capitalism enduring until its potential was exhausted was a gift to the capitalists.

Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ tries to show how capitalism can be absorbed into a communist framework that denies its reign over social economy in an era without restraint…

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