vain hopes in marxist stupidity…//Vain hopes in a Green New Deal | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

In the final analysis the left is so confused it can no longer produce a significant platform. Hectoring the Greens for their failure to toe the marxist line simply adds to the confusion, even though some of the criticism is on target. But radicals of all stripes are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. In the end the marxist line is a record of failure and should call for a reexamination to figure out where the whole game went wrong. No use sermonizing the typical Green drift into social democratic illusion given the record of marxists.
We may grant that capitalist propaganda critiquing Marx confuses the issue. But in the final analysis the core failure is that of the arrogant and dogmatic/domineering Marx, whose theories have left a hopeless muddle of bad theory and dysfunctional leftists glued to a religion. The idea of communism is plagued by a sort of marxist vampire that aborts all energy or innovation.
Thus, part of the confusion is the way marxists dominate the idea of communism. But there is no reason we have to endure that monopoly of thought: we would do better to set aside Marx/Engels and start over with a new framework for communism, an idea that should be lively and appealing but instead is plagued with the crypto-stalinism and plain stupidity of marxist cadres, incapable of grasping their situation.
Every attempted realization of Marx’s thinking has resulted in failure, without exception.
We should summarize/outline quickly our critique of marxism since we have linked elsewhere…
-our perspective is neo-communist and shares the criticism of social democratic pseudo-socialism
-historical materialism is a cumbersome and failed theory of history
-stages of production theory is a part of that failed theory but it miscalculates the stages of history
-communism needs a blueprint in advance that the public can examine
-we have produced one, however incomplete, in our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ in our two manifestos…
this blog, along with that at has a huge amount of material on these issues…


Largely as a result of the near total collapse of the 100 year Soviet experiment in Russia and its replicas elsewhere, there have been attempts to reorient the left to new forms of social and economic transformation supposedly untainted by failed measures such as a planned economy based on state ownership of the commanding heights of industry. First and foremost among them is the belief that cooperatives can form the basis of a socialism from below. The idea is that local initiatives such as those in Jackson, Mississippi can become so widespread and popular so that they will finally bring about a qualitative change in class relations, finally putting the working class in power.While not advertised as a transitional step toward socialism, the idea of a Green New Deal has captured the imaginations of many on the left.

Source: Vain hopes in a Green New Deal | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

6 thoughts on “vain hopes in marxist stupidity…//Vain hopes in a Green New Deal | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist”

  1. While dogmatic prescriptive Marxism certainly is a proven failure, that’s just as true of any “green new deal” notion. It’s capitalism as such, productionism as such, which are murdering the Earth and humanity, and the existential crisis cannot be solved by any alleged “green” version of “Keep Shopping! Keep Driving!” and the whole employer-“job” model.

    For every unreconstructed Marxist, there must be at least scores of thousands of unreconstructed capitalist-consumerist “green new deal” types. While the former is by now a type of reactionary, so is the latter.

    Since the green productionist-conusmerist types exceed the residual Marxists by many orders of magnitude, it’s these who pose a vastly greater obstacle for the few bona fide radicals who exist. Anyone who bothers attacking Marxism, especially in support of Dembot green new dealers, certainly is no such radical himself.


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