Beyond class and identity politics…(their issues once resolved)//How Class Should Be Central

A strategic focus on uniting the working class doesn’t mean marginalizing the struggle against racism and sexism.

Source: How Class Should Be Central

We discussed this useful article yesterday and hopefully resolved the identity politics muddle with our idea of subsets of the universal class. We can change gears and turn critical:

Jacobin consistently if  rightly or not demurs near the revolutionary option (??) But the overall resolution is lacking and will always be lacking short of a revolutionary outcome. But a revolutionary outcome is unrealistic, it seems, and leads to piecemeal activism which in turns feeds the treadmill of taking a long time to get nowhere, trying and trying, sincerely idealistic.

Events will overtake us soon. Raising the wages of the working class won’t happen as the capitalist system collapses, if it does. Will the heroic working class take a pay cut and lead us to an intelligently managed postcapitalism where survival will be the issue? The working class was to show us the way to a new socialism.
We are prevented from revolutionary options in a situation where those options are rapidly being foreclcosed…
In fact…a closer look shows that the elites have dug their own grave…we confront a global collapse of civilization…how can we claim that the revolutionary option is unrealistic? It is the only option in the end…
We have seen this situation many times in the past. IN 1912 the russian juggernaut was insuperable, by 1917, it was goodbye to all that…
The current system is likely at some point to simply collapse. The left needs to be ready, and it is not now ready. Slogans from Marx are not good enough…

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