Comment on ‘Vain Hopes in a Green New Deal’

While dogmatic prescriptive Marxism certainly is a proven failure, that’s just as true of any “green new deal” notion. It’s capitalism as such, productionism as such, which are murdering the Earth and humanity, and the existential crisis cannot be solved by any alleged “green” version of “Keep Shopping! Keep Driving!” and the whole employer-“job” model.

For every unreconstructed Marxist, there must be at least scores of thousands of unreconstructed capitalist-consumerist “green new deal” types. While the former is by now a type of reactionary, so is the latter.

Since the green productionist-conusmerist types exceed the residual Marxists by many orders of magnitude, it’s these who pose a vastly greater obstacle for the few bona fide radicals who exist. Anyone who bothers attacking Marxism, especially in support of Dembot green new dealers, certainly is no such radical himself.

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