How is it biologists let the religious right eat their lunch??
That natural selection not only can’t produce ‘evolution’ but can actually ‘undo’ it by degrading complexity (if that is what Behe is saying in his new book) should be about the ‘last stand’ for darwinists, and should certainly be a reminder to the left that it is time, way past time, to move beyond the older paradigm once and for all. Behe and his milieu have eaten the lunch of conventional biologists who can’t seem to change because a dominant faction wasn’t really telling the truth to begin with: too much bluff mixed with the ‘one true religion’ of figures like Dawkins have made it impossible for anyone in the realm of science to dissent from the dominant groupthink. Hysteria over the design argument as a religious Trojan horse is misplaced. Trying to use dissent from darwinism as grounds for some kind of theological comeback for ‘god’ hasn’t really gone anywhere. As if the issue of natural selection had anything to do with the status of Old Testament theology or the mythology of ‘god in history’. The problem is that if biologists give up simplistic reductionism they are left, not in the realm of theology, but in a mysterious new universe with a teleological look and current science is unable to deal with that. But the realm of physics has already entered that realm in any case, however much it can actually deal with that scientifically. There is no current form of science that can do justice to that. But theological thinking is equally limited in its theological clubfoot ‘intelligent’ design trying to shoehorn ‘mind/god’ into biological theory gaps. It won’t work any better than darwinian scientism. In a strange irony the ‘design’ angle is likely to be also the undoing of naive ‘archaic’ theism…

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