dialectic (and darwinian) pseudo-science?…//Prey and Predator: The End of a Dialectic?

The question of evolutionary theories is already so confused that to add a Hegel and his dialectic seems extravagant; does this author accept natural selection or is he simply too discrete to contradict that theory. He would be attacked at once if so. Is he blending the natural selection myth with Hegelian icing on the cake?
The dialectic doesn’t work with history, it seems doubtful it can work with evolution.
We have no reason evidence that the dialectic has scientific basis, and the distinction of dyadic and triadic perspectives lingers. Dialectic fairly well wrecked marxism, maybe biology is next…

Current scientific knowledge suggests that the predator/prey relationship began very soon after life itself arose. Although Hegel himself never discussed thi

Source: Prey and Predator: The End of a Dialectic?

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