Alternet (and Salon) should stop peddling the fake science of darwinism..///Fake science: Here’s the alarming pseudoscience ecosystem that’s threatening our nation’s health | Alternet…//Salon

We commented on this yesterday (and we note the links to Salon, another trashy netzine brainwashed by the Darwin Propaganda Machine). This may be a function of the author of the essay: I find it hard to believe that the Alternet staff are unaware of the problems with darwinism after ten years of cross links with this blog. They may be too scared to dissent in public.

But it would be nice if Salon and Alternet both could air some of the dissent on darwinism and provide their public with some fresh air on a question that has gone on too long.
Something terrible is about to happen: belligerent (and lying) darwinists armed with genomics wish to tinker with human genetics based on fallacious ideas of how man evolved….
We don’t need sermons from Alternet about the Science True Faith and how nice scientists are. Scientists ever since Frankenstein have been not nice, whatever the counter in the wings (which I can also provide). It is very likely biologists have learned to lie about darwinism and turned a lot of the public into equal liars. Why operate this way? The religious right can promote ID all they want and it won’t make any difference: biologists can freely admit to the presence of design in biology without making a dent in their atheist fundamentalism.

Pew surveys find that public trust in scientists is higher than any group except military leaders, and far above trust in journalists or members of Congress. But this good news is tempered by a low level of science literacy, and a plurality of people who question the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change and evolution by natural selection.

Source: Fake science: Here’s the alarming pseudoscience ecosystem that’s threatening our nation’s health | Alternet

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