secular humanist (and religious) confusion over…//The Teleological Argument

The issues of ‘design’, teleology, proofs of the existence of god, and finally ‘intelligent’ design are all different and can’t be safely collated in a typical secular humanism diatribe against theism. We discussed yesterday the confusion over ‘design’ and ‘intelligent design’. Design in the realm of biology is almost an inevitable conclusion, but it doesn’t follow it is the result of intelligence, although it might certainly look intelligent…
Teleology is probably the case and this is not an argument for theism. Teleology is visible in the eonic effect, although it is visible only as directionality and must be reconciled with free agency.
Teleology is not proof of divinity, if only because the term ‘god’ is so incoherent we can’t really use it for anything.

Source: The Teleological Argument

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