the new deal rescued capitalism…so what about a green new deal?…//What the Left’s ‘Green New Deal’ Could Actually Look Like

Sounds great, but will it ever happen? and in time to resolve the crisis about which we suspect even alarmist scientists are wrong: we are out of time. Is this just another way to look busy, and, aha, radical…?
The New Deal metaphor is really about socialism manque and it is puzzling activists would use such a metaphor. It allows one to think one is doing something and that its implementation can take twenty years. We don’t have that much time. One should certainly support such an idea in any case: that’s the way for deadbeats who think they aren’t deadbeat, really gungho activists…However, Trump has probably killed the idea already, and Sanders will no doubt perform the coup de grace, and get five more ‘progressives’ elected to congress in under a decade, there to thumb twiddle in the shadow of a republican senate…Gungho, guys, a beaut


A far-reaching new policy aims to reduce emissions, give everyone jobs, and convince rural voters to side with the Democrats, all at the same time.

Source: What the Left’s ‘Green New Deal’ Could Actually Look Like

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