What the blazes is Sanders’ position on anything… ??Our Revolution

I have tried to hedge with Sanders but nonetheless tried to be critical of his framing of ‘revolution’ around the at best FDR-New Dealism, if that much. The result I predict will be a bust, but since I can’t quite figure his strategy (for all I know his fake talk of ‘revolution’ could trigger the real thing) I can only warn that if you use the term ‘revolution’ a note comes due at some point to deliver or else you are fart gas out of the backside of the Edouard Bernsteins.

I can’t see any future for the Green New Deal, hoping I am wrong. The main democrat (sic, democrat) honcho (or honchess) has already sabotaged the initiative.

The plain fact of the matter is that the abuse of the term ‘revolution’ by Sanders (he hardly invented the genre) is destructive and puts radicalism in a treadmill of attempted social change that has been quietly undermined from the start. If we use the term ‘revolution’ it is because we need revolutionary change and as hard as that is to conceive and execute it is not helpful to have the term already coopted by dick-holders like Sanders, who can’t easily be distinguished from covert agents assigned to corrupt revolutionary terminology. But the CIA need hardly bother. Idiots like Sanders will do the job pro bono.
Still what to do? It is just possible Sanders is an idiot means well and might do some good on the grave site of revolution.

In fact, we need a revolution in the streets to overthrow government. If that is not what you mean by revolution use another term. The plight of man in this era of Trump and brazilian ‘final solution’ for the Amazon needs revolutionary men in the streets trying to overthrow political insanity even if it kills them. And assholes like Sanders should be eliminated pretty pronto. You are dead anywary, go down fighting. And send the Sanders racket packing…

Look at the Sanders website: https://ourrevolution.com/
The logo:
‘Tis the Season for Revolution.
Shop Now

(for tee shirts)….

The next step for Bernie Sanders’ movement is a new group called Our Revolution, which will fight to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in.

Source: Our Revolution

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