Evolution to history: freedom evolving



The question of evolution in our eonic model is based on world history which give us direct access to the visible (if any) process of the evolutionary. The question arises, how can history be evolution? The answer is that evolution is really about the evolution of freedom: look at the rise of the animal: degrees of freedom emerge at each level: it is almost by definition true that from initial locomotion to incipient categories of choice we see a freedom effect. Don’t confuse that with free will, necessarily, a far more advanced question. Evolution creates ‘choice’, which is different.

So we see ‘freedom’ evolving and then we see the life tracks and experiences of creatures so evolved, their histories. We have the answer to our question about history and evolution, creatures (I will omit plants for the moment)  evolve self-action relatively free and this creates their history.  Here is the master clue: a question: does freedom (history)emerge all at once with evolution becoming history all at once? It could  but clearly there is ‘continuous discontinuity’ between the two: a transition: evolution transition history…But that is still not right: too abrupt still, we need many such transitions: evolution transition history evolution transition history, etc…from evolution in a series of transitions that represent the transformations we see, what we call macro evolution. This gives us a model of how history can begin early in evolutionary time, by definition, e.g. as locomotion, and how evolution can still be present in history, as in the eonic effect. It takes time to catch on to this simple but elegant idea that unifies history and evolution and shows us at a glance that deep time shows these transitions (speciations) abruptly staging a passage from one form of animal history to the next. That without fully explaining the mechanism.

In our approach we adopt a tentative Kantian model (or in the version of Schopenhauer): ‘evolution’ happens and is visible in the histories of transitions but the deeper process is either noumenal or invisible, we are not sure, but in any case we don’t see exactly the mechanism behind the mechanism, a crucial limit that explains why scientists never quite escape their muddle.

We pause here: the idea of evolution, history, transitions works best for world history, but modified seems to work for evolution in deep time. Try to get a glimpse of ‘nature’s’ ingenious idea…Note that ‘freedom’ here is more like ‘degrees of freedom’ rather than ‘free will’, the latter being another related but more complex/enigmatic question. We can evade the metaphyics of free will with ideas of reified action as ‘choice’: animals rise to the occasion as they evolve to show choice.



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