Dawkins’ confusion over darwinism (and religion)

Dawkins has the most useless take on both revolution and religion: i am reluctant to even post his junk, backed up by that propagandist coyne who should know better and probably does.

Dawkins is wrong about natural selection and he uses that error to claim darwinism disproves the design argument. And this has been going on for forty years.
It is a scandal that the ID group, despite their own religious confusions and evolutionary pseudo-science, sees through darwinism where Dawkins is stubbornly confused…
we can comment on the religion issue later…Dawkins on religion is atrocious and I am not even a theist…

Reader Michael called my attention to Richard Dawkins’s Darwin Day Lecture to Humanists UK (HUK). Richard is introduced by Humanists UK President and evolutionary biologist Alice Roberts, who…

Source: Dawkins’s Darwin Day lecture for Humanists UK: “Taking Courage from Darwin to Fight the Hubris of Faith” « Why Evolution Is True

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