engels’ strange way of burying marx in his comparison to darwin…//Karl Marx Isn’t Buried

The persistence of Marx tokens the way he is more than a scientist: he is more like a prophet at the foundation of a religion. But the modern age is not kind to prophets and, as with Darwin in Engels’ bungled depiction, the scientist must yield to the falsifications of history even as the saga of the prophet persists in an almost mythical format.

In a way Engels buried Marx the moment he compared him to Engels and called his work ‘science’. The mixture of modes has been very costly for the legacy of socialism which hallucinated a ‘science’ where they only had a mockup of a set of study projects, to be completed in the future. In fact, the failure of the idea of evolution in both Darwin and Marx is a notable ‘plus’ for science which must move on and recast its starting point.

Engels gave the eulogy, paying tribute to his friend as a great scientist and revolutionary: Just as Darwin discovered the law of evolution in organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of evolution in human history . . . This was the man of science. But this was not even half the man. Science was for Marx a historically dynamic, revolutionary force … For Marx was before all else a revolutionary.

Source: Karl Marx Isn’t Buried

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