Can the Green New Deal ever happen?

As we have noted today in an earlier post, it is all very well to talk of revolution. But who is to lead it? As we have pointed out we have no real chance of revolution given the total lack of any real framework in the context of marxist idiocy dominating the whole field. Maxists are most ironically in the way of any serious social transformation. In fact the field is open to reconstructive leftism but the mainstream commentators are not up to the job. They volunteer themselves to the sidelines. While the marxist perspective in stuck in the past and cannot shake off its stalinist propensities, despite fine words otherwise.
The problem with the Green New Deal is that it may never happen via standard politics.

The discussions of the Green New Deal and the climate crisis generally constantly invoke the need for social transformation without anything more than a set of abstractions: the clear implication u…

Source: nationalization? why not say it: we need a revolution to nationalize everything…//The Green New Deal Must Transform the Economy – 1848: The End(s) of History

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