The ancient controversy over calculus…//Is Standard Calculus Notation Wrong? 

This is a somewhat puzzling stance, and it is not clear what this issue has to do with ID.
The status of differentials in the history of mathematics has long been notorious and the critique here was made long ago, and many times over. A text such as Boyer’s A history of calculus (online pdf) gives a fascinating account of the long muddle over differentials in the context nonetheless of the great success of the ‘new physics’ in its Newtonian and Leinitzian variants. The dy/dx notation of Leibnitz makes no sense but works almost magically.  None at first could understand how such a nutty notation could be so successful in practice. The subject has been clarified by the rise of modern analysis and its concepts of limits and various recastings and justifications of the original notation….

Source: Is Standard Calculus Notation Wrong? | Uncommon Descent

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