The eonic effect shows how the emergence of monotheism turned into a tragedy…and hopeless muddle…

The era of the Axial Age in the middle of the eonic effect/sequence shows a truly mysterious process at work during which we see the staging ground for a blending of early persian zorastrianism and israelite legacies in the precise period of the eonic interval ca.900 to 600 BCE in an eerie timing, and in exact parallel to the emergence of buddhism.
The process is totally misunderstood by religionists themselves, jews and christians, who were confused by the issue of revelation when what they had observed was an eonic transition The tribalism of the israelites ended up as covenental judaism, and the next phase of the emergence of christianity jackknifed with the outstanding jewish stream. The dissociation of the two streams was a catastrophe, one which the realm of islam attempted to correct by starting over.
In the eonic model the distinction of free action and system action shows the way the early israelite corpus was transformed into a very human creation based on a brittle theology of the one god.

The emergence of christianity in this context is transparent in one way and mysterious in another: we don’t really have the facts but to a long view the whole sequence shows the obvious way that religion emerges in the mystery of the eonic sequence. The outcome suggests that the appearance of two religions at the end was a deviation from the projected goal at the starting point.
To this day the whole hopeless muddle continues and the best resolution would be to move past this failed set of histories…
All this requires a very complex discussion indeed…
Bringing darwinism into this kind of discussion is the height of absurdity and the realm of scientism fails here completely.
The eonic model itself fails to fully explain the mystery here but at least with budddhism that the ‘evolution of religion’ in this new sense was not divine revelation…

Trying to resolve the issue of religion using darwinism is a futile endeavor. No effort using this approach has been able to clarify the issue. It is a completely wasted effort. A look at the eonic…

Source: The eonic effect shows how religion evolves…darwinism fails completely – Darwiniana

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