There is But One Race: Human 

Want to blame something for differences in skin color, blame the sun. It’s all in the melanin. The concept of different races is a farce, largely concocted as “scientific racism” by an American physician before the Civil War, as noted in a fascinating special April 2018 issue of the National Geographic, “Black and White.”

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Predator of Our Public Lands 

For generations, our country has been Mother Nature’s steward, setting aside and protecting important expanses of public lands for posterity. But what if these lands and natural resources suddenly got a “steward” who was a predator, rather than a protector? Meet William Perry Pendley. For more than 40 years, he’s been a fringe political operative More

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Jonathan Bartlett: Does evolution mean computers will take over? 

Elon Musk sees technology as taking over the human world and we’d best consider our options. Ma points out that humans build computers but no computer has ever built a human: For Musk, technology is not a tool to promote humanity. Rather, technology will take humanity’s place of leadership in th

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