Design in world history, no comment from ID-ists we can be sure…//Decoding World History (ver 4) 

The design in world history demands a non-theistic approach and is directly falfsifying of the Old Testament mythology.
It is even time for secular humanists to consider design arguments so that science can figure out its scientific basis. book ‘Decoding World History’, which will in a different version be an introduction to a very abbreviated edition of World History and the Eonic Effect is approaching a steady draft and can be read on its own terms.Everyone should be aware of this strange dynamic in world history. And it shows us the context of ‘evolution’ in the case of human history. It may also indicate the nature of evolution as such: evolution occurs in long sequences of transitions that operate over a region and induce species change via a form factor that tests its productions against the environment. No more silly thinking about natural selection.

Source: Decoding World History (ver 4) – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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