ID gang’s cancel culture:….//Despite Darwinists’ Cancel Culture, Intelligent Design Has a Breakthrough in Biology Journal | Evolution News

The ID people can’t get their own ID right, and that is a bit sad.
The Cancel culture they speak of is very real but they have their own cancel culture.
World History and the Eonic Effect shows the most massive case of (intelligent) design in world history and in twenty years they have refused to even look at the book, except in private. The reason is the now idiotic history given by the Old Testament which they cannot get passed and whose ‘intelligent’ designer Yahweh is a mythological remnant of and age long gone.
The ID student cannot find ID in history on a religious basis, but can find it at once if the theistic hypothesis is rejected.

I do not use the term ‘intelligent’ design, except in passing: we should speak of ‘design’ and possibly note that it mimics intelligence.
But the term ‘intelligent design’ has spoiled the whole initiative of critiquing Darwinism. And it is not surprising scientists are wary here, their foot in the door and religious fundamentalist biology would soon follow.
Both sides have filled each other off and the result is the hopeless muddle of the evolution question.
The rival puzzle here is how the scientific community of biologists could have been confused for so long about natural selection????
I can only dare the Discotute theologians to look at WHEE, or the more recent Decoding World History.

The article survived peer-review and was accepted for publication despite the open hostility of the journal’s top editors!

Source: Despite Darwinists’ Cancel Culture, Intelligent Design Has a Breakthrough in Biology Journal | Evolution News

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