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I thought I would put up some more material on Bennett’s (outlandish) perspective on evolution and history. (The material on the eonic effect is much better) I am not a proponent of these views, bu… Source: Bennett on evolution /2010/02/08/bennett-on-evolution/ – The Gurdjieff Con

Bennett’s critique of Darwinism 2010/02/15/bennetts-critique-of-darwinism/ 

Continuing with Bennett’s treatment of evolution from The Dramatic Universe, as short quote on the probability issue re Darwinian evolution, almost at the same time as Fred Hoyle’s book on the subj… Source: Bennett’s critique of Darwinism 2010/02/15/bennetts-critique-of-darwinism/ – The Gurdjieff Con

Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe The old Darwiniana had a lot of commentary on Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe which despite being a work stuck in the ‘new age’ mindset nonetheless had a very modern cast behind its peculiarities and, in the process, provided an introduction, very indirect, without even mentioning the term, of the classic Indian Samkhya.

THE TRIAD – J G BENNETT – bennett-the-triad.pdf (versus the dialectic of the marxists…)

We cited today an older post invoking J.G.Bennett’s scheme of evolution: it is a very controversial bit of ‘new age’ thinking, but Bennett was no ordinary new ager and cast his system in terms of n term systems, with special attention to three term systems, or triads. The marxist dialectic is really about two term … Continue reading THE TRIAD – J G BENNETT – bennett-the-triad.pdf (versus the dialectic of the marxists…)

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The real complexity of evolution

The issue of evolution is scrambled by reductionist science but we can get a rough idea of the real problem with evolutionary theories by looking at the eonic effect which rapidly shows what is missing in standard accounts. The works of J.G. Bennett, despite derailing in new age confusions, shows another type of approach. In … Continue reading The real complexity of evolution

Gaia and the question of ‘life’ versus the ‘will in nature’… The Gaia hypothesis is a brilliant addition to science, but is it really science–yet? We have on multiple occasions examined the larger views, among them those of J.G.Bennett, examining the questions of the hypo-/auto-/hypernomic realms, with a distinction of the distinctions of life and ‘will’ to suggest that the biosphere stages life from the … Continue reading Gaia and the question of ‘life’ versus the ‘will in nature’…

 The ‘will’, beside ‘being’, as a factor of homo sapient unconscious/conscious ‘mind’.

This post was supposed to be at The Gurdjieff Con, but I pulled a fast one and put it here… Modern biology can’t do justice to the human ‘organism’/being: the issue of the will is the lost chord of the human mystery. The monotheistic religions, or perhaps at least christianity did address the question but … Continue reading  The ‘will’, beside ‘being’, as a factor of homo sapient unconscious/conscious ‘mind’.

The mystery of evolution

The hyparchic regulator: evolutionary form factors in a timeless dimension? J.G. Bennett on speciation, individuality, eight term systems…a warning biology is probably not even remotely close to a theory of evolution  We have suggested two post-Darwinian takes on ‘evolution’, whether in deep time or in history: that based on the eonic effect and that of … Continue reading The mystery of evolution