Red Forty-eight Group (R48G): The logic of (r)evolution…

The logic of (r)evolution… February 2nd, 2018 We have made a number of dialectical feints back and forth between evolutionary and revolutionary perspectives but overall our task here seems to be advocating from the sidelines the discipline of truly revolutionary activism. The sidelines is not really OK, but it is still something. It … Continue reading Red Forty-eight Group (R48G): The logic of (r)evolution…

Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly

Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly January 29th, 2018 Two Manifestos The left has tied its head knots with theory, theory that doesn’t really work, but which has turned into a kind of dogma. The whole question of socialism has been frozen in place in terms of a legacy that was too complicated, confusing, and poorly … Continue reading Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly

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Eonic effects, revolutionary outcomes

all darwiniana links before this won’t work,  sorry,” Eonic effects, revolutionary outcomes February 1st, 2018 It seems that a reluctance to promote the ‘eonic model of world history’ confronted with the marxist legacy is misguided and that a more forceful presentation of that is indicated. We can always up to a point have our … Continue reading Eonic effects, revolutionary outcomes