Marx’s ‘stages of production’ theory was a myth of ‘evolution’: the ‘end of history’ requires free agents…

Two Manifestos We noted that the issue of transitional socialism, instead of the cockeyed idiocy of bolshevism, should be easy and relaxed…The left, dominated by marxism, has made the whole q… Source: Neo-communism should be a slam dunk…the bum steer of marxism/leninism… – 1848: The Ends of History

Socialist abstraction in a void

Booknotes: Revolution in the air…socialism never failed because noone defined anything that could be put into practice… July 22nd, 2018 Reading through: Revolution in the Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che Max Elbaum July 21, 2018 We can comment at length over a series of posts, but it is useful to record … Continue reading Socialist abstraction in a void