Virtual futures

Hyparchic futurism and the postcapitalist potential July 16th, 2018 Bennett’s idea of hyparxis is on somewhat shaky grounds but it points to possible leftist futurism that stands beyond the inexorable degeneration of capitalist globalization… ————– R48G: hyparxis and revolutionary futurism… December 11th, 2017 •

Reform or revolution redux…

R48G: reform or revolution redux… September 6th, 2017 • Our seemingly consistent critique of ‘reformist leftism’ is, of course, misleading because we have also made ‘compromise’ a studied angle with our idea of ‘virtual revolution’ which embraces the whole contradiction. That in addition to hybrid of markets and communism. This is not really compromise but … Continue reading Reform or revolution redux…

Eonic effects, revolutionary outcomes

all darwiniana links before this won’t work,  sorry,” Eonic effects, revolutionary outcomes February 1st, 2018 It seems that a reluctance to promote the ‘eonic model of world history’ confronted with the marxist legacy is misguided and that a more forceful presentation of that is indicated. We can always up to a point have our … Continue reading Eonic effects, revolutionary outcomes

‘It’s the market economy, stupid’: confronting planetary destruction by capitalist ‘deadly weapon’….

Archived posts at start August 14th, 2017 • The question of revolution has been so distracted by its self-generated confusions that we are no longer able to put activist questions in right perspective. But we can at least make the point that current programs are not adequate to the situation in place and … Continue reading ‘It’s the market economy, stupid’: confronting planetary destruction by capitalist ‘deadly weapon’….

Capitalism generating postcapitalism

Capitalism generating postcapitalism April 30th, 2018 It is very hard for some, especially after so much Fukuyama propaganda, to snap out of the fixation on the inevitability of capitalism, but all at once the inevitability of postcapitalism comes into view. ————– The american system is in a dialectical tail spin as the monumental idiocy of … Continue reading Capitalism generating postcapitalism