A simple triangle can disprove materialism | Mind Matters

Philosopher Edward Feser notes that there is a kind of mismatch between concepts and ideas on the one hand, which are abstract and completely general, and on the other hand, physical symbols and other material representations, which are always concrete, specific, and individual.

Source: A simple triangle can disprove materialism | Mind Matters

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Alessandro Magnasco (Attr.) and Clemente Spera Attr.) - Landscape with classical ruins and figures

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This bird-of-paradise in New Guinea sounds like something from another planet 

Endemic to the mountain forests of New Guinea, the King of Saxony bird-of-paradise (Pteridophora alberti) is best-known for the flamboyant, mate-attracting efforts of its males. The bird’s courtship displays – which often double as a means of keeping competitors at a comfortable distance – make use of bright yellow breast feathers, wildly waving head plumes and peppy dance manoeuvres capped off with an exceptionally outsized, almost otherworldly bit of squawking. This video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology provides a rare glimpse into the world of this idiosyncratic little bird, which has proven notoriously difficult to photograph in its rugged natural habitat.

Source: This bird-of-paradise in New Guinea sounds like something from another planet | Aeon Videos

Ordivician Radiation–Another Strike Against Darwin 

The Cambrian Explosion, demonstrated time and again to be an ‘explosion,’ is a problem for Darwinian theory. Darwin postulated gradualsim; in fact, he insisted upon it when pressed by supporters to modulate this position of his.The problem is that multiple life forms are required to “build” new l

Source: Ordivician Radiation–Another Strike Against Darwin | Uncommon Descent

The Microplastic Threat 

When Chelsea Rochman at the University of Toronto and colleagues began their study on medakas (small Japanese rice paddy fish), they did not expect to find what they did. They first soaked ground-up polyethylene in San Diego Bay for three months and then fed it to these fish along with a laboratory diet.  They also fed the More

Source: The Microplastic Threat – CounterPunch.org