For Dreams of Darwinian Evolution, First Rule of Adaptive Evolution Is an Insuperable Problem | Evolution News

Professor Lenski’s contrasting of the frequency versus importance of evolutionary changes is misconceived and his illustrations are inapt.

Source: For Dreams of Darwinian Evolution, First Rule of Adaptive Evolution Is an Insuperable Problem | Evolution News

Evolution to history: freedom evolving


The question of evolution in our eonic model is based on world history which give us direct access to the visible (if any) process of the evolutionary. The question arises, how can history be evolution? The answer is that evolution is really about the evolution of freedom: look at the rise of the animal: degrees of freedom emerge at each level: it is almost by definition true that from initial locomotion to incipient categories of choice we see a freedom effect. Don’t confuse that with free will, necessarily, a far more advanced question. Evolution creates ‘choice’, which is different. Continue reading Evolution to history: freedom evolving

atheist or not, the term ‘god’ has been exhausted by christians and jews…//The Return of the God Hypothesis: Compelling Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God 

This kind of junk misses the point that the term ‘god’ has been so trashed by christians/jews/moslems that it can no longer be used. If you are going to leverage ‘design’ to find god again you can’t use that to justify christian and jewish Old Testament mythology. The result is/will be cognitive dissonance and a failure to upgrade theories of evolution. Drop the term ‘god’ and start over with some new terminology.

  the darwinian ideology was exposed long ago…//Beyond Natural Selection: Robert Wesson

A quiet classic exposing darwinism nearly a generation ago in the 90’s: this book must leave us with the suspicion that biologists already know the ‘Paradigm’ is bunk but conform to the pubic ideology…Outsiders are needed here, still…