Trump’s Diminishing Power and Rising Rage

The coming months may be especially dangerous for America and the world. As US President Donald Trump’s political position weakens and the obstacles facing him grow, his mental instability will pose an ever-greater danger… The drama of Donald Trump’s presidency has centered around whether an extremist president would be able to carry out an extremist policy agenda against the will of the majority of Americans. So far the answer has been no, and the midterm elections make it far less likely. Yet Trump’s rising frustrations could push him over the edge psychologically, with potentially harrowing consequences for American democracy and the world.

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With Declaration of Rebellion, New Group Vows Mass Civil Disobedience to Save Planet – Darwiniana

The age of Trump has made explicit something that was developing very rapidly in any case in the era of neoliberal ‘fascism’: the right and duty of revolt against an attempt to destroy democracy.
But what we really need is a new and more effective definition of what we mean by that term…
We inject our ideas for a backdrop of a larger balance of ideas: a postcapitalist neo-communism…our manifestos of revolutionary democratic market neo-communism “We have a right and dut…

Source: stirring revolution…//’This Is Our Darkest Hour’: With Declaration of Rebellion, New Group Vows Mass Civil Disobedience to Save Planet – Darwiniana

Confusion over ‘dialectic of enlightenment’

We critiqued this essay last week:

California Fires – Time for Disaster Socialism | Portside

 The fires are not contained. The bodies haven’t been found. It’s time to talk about politics …During and in the immediate aftermath of tragedies, we are told it’s not the time for politics. As a nation, we love the spectacle of what author Teju Cole called “the white-savior industrial complex,” in which justice is replaced by a “big emotional experience that validates privilege.” While we take a respite from breathing this week, let’s try justice instead.

Source: California Fires – Time for Disaster Socialism | Portside