Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly

Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly
January 29th, 2018
Two Manifestos
The left has tied its head knots with theory, theory that doesn’t really work, but which has turned into a kind of dogma. The whole question of socialism has been frozen in place in terms of a legacy that was too complicated, confusing, and poorly defined. Continue reading Communism: beyond the marxist monopoly

Forests Emerge as a Major Overlooked Climate Factor | Portside

When Abigail Swann started her career in the mid-2000s, she was one of just a handful of scientists exploring a potentially radical notion: that the green plants living on Earth’s surface could have a major influence on the planet’s climate. For decades, most atmospheric scientists had focused their weather and climate models on wind, rain and other physical phenomena.

Source: Forests Emerge as a Major Overlooked Climate Factor | Portside