an american legacy…of state crime…?// A Humanitarian Exodus | Portside

The migrant caravan that has dominated news headlines over the past week is continuing to grow as it crosses from Guatemala into Mexico. A group of around 1,600 people left Honduras early last week, but thousands more have joined. As of Sunday, some 7,000 people had arrived to Tapachula after crossing the Guatemala-Mexico border the day before. Upon arrival, many collapsed in exhaustion after enduring a 23-mile walk in 90-degree heat in one day.

Source: A Humanitarian Exodus | Portside

Lamarck the true founder of evolutionary theory


In many ways Lamarck is the real founder of evolutionary theory, not Darwin.
Although a generation earlier with less of the trappings of modern ‘professional’ science he nonetheless had the basics right (and this does not refer to his idea of adaptation, now in a comeback due to epigenetics).

He saw that evolution had two aspects:
a drive toward complexity
the adaptation of these forms environmentally.
this prefigures the idea of macro and micro evolution
Darwinism totally misses the first point, which implies some teleological aspect, which ‘scientists’ totally reject with darwinism as a substitute.

Researchers: Nicotine effects persist through several generations of mice, via sperm

In a study of mice forced to inhale large doses of nicotine carried large epigenetics signatures that affected their offspring:The result might explain why the experiments also found the male mice’s offspring—and grandoffspring—exhibited abnormal behavior and learning impairments.“Until now, m

Source: Researchers: Nicotine effects persist through several generations of mice, via sperm | Uncommon Descent