up in the air: grounding neo-communism…//Lessons from One Left to the Next: Revolution in the Air Reissued

Elbaum wrote Revolution in the Air in 2001 to reclaim the lessons of the new communist movement for contemporary militants who, like their early sixties’ predecessors, became activists when the radical left was fragmented and weak. How relevant is this history and the lessons he draws for us now, in this new period of left upsurge?

Source: Lessons from One Left to the Next: Revolution in the Air Reissued – Viewpoint Magazine


Although a neo-communist with a novel platform i feel ‘solidarity’ only up to a point with the marxist to NCM historical line. My verdict on this history is: dreary, good bye to all that. Continue reading up in the air: grounding neo-communism…//Lessons from One Left to the Next: Revolution in the Air Reissued

A ‘dialectic’ of revolution/virtual revolution

A ‘dialectic’ of revolution/virtual revolution
February 13th, 2018
Two Manifestos
We have almost deliberately indulged a kind of ‘dialectic’ of revolution/virtual revolution, the latter a way station as we confront the immensely dangerous and conflicted theme of revolutionary action. Continue reading A ‘dialectic’ of revolution/virtual revolution

Models of history

Falling between two stools: religious and secular confusion over history
February 11th, 2018
Marxists often don’t get it: you can’t propose an incorrect theory of history and expect people to listen. The confusion over ‘theory’ endangers their profound framework of insights, taken empirically, as a critique of the capitalist era.
Using the eonic model we can show just how hard it is to grapple with a real theory of history. From there we can stand back and distance ourselves from the syndrome of false certainties and we can also reconcile, or at least defang,the collision of secular and religious historicisms…
archive: R48G: the eonic effect: as a tool to ‘debrief’ historical theories… Continue reading Models of history

Darwiniana: blog history, mission statement, themes/memes: a quick overview

This is a quick overview that will be expanded later. What are we up to here?
Darwiniana is somewhat disorienting at times but has a set of core perspectives: it is one of the oldest blogs and started in 2005 as a platform examining critically the legacy of darwinism and the confusions of its theoretical model. Continue reading Darwiniana: blog history, mission statement, themes/memes: a quick overview

Beyond pseudo-democracy…at the ‘end of history’

Beyond pseudo-democracy…at the ‘end of history’
February 10th, 2018
One of the great ironies of the ‘end of history’ debate is that if we take its thesis seriously the directionality of history so proclaimed by Fukuyama will move beyond the pseudo-democracy of liberal capitalism to ‘real democracy’. We see not one but two failures in this directional framework: the failure of bolshevism and now the apparent failure of the kind of fake democracy we see in the US. And the system under these terms will move inexorably to try and create a new and higher freedom as democracy.
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Once and future modernity

Once and future modernity
February 3rd, 2018
We have reposted material from yesterday below the cutoff. At a time of leftist discombobulation it is important to get one’s bearings with a simple and practical version of historical dynamism that can animate a postmarxist generation. Our eonic model can do that but it is perhaps too strange at first to be taken seriously.
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